Monday, May 11, 2009

Flying the Kite

Mother's Day weekend the city had a kite festival where all the kids were given free kites, popcorn, popsicles, and flowers to give their mom. We brought our own kite and once it was in the air, Olivia took over....

Here she is... Olivia, the master kite flyer. Look how high the kite is up in the air!

And as you can see, whatever Olivia can do- Ava can do too. She was a little more interested in the gooey geyser (baseball diamond) than kite flying but still requested her turn.

And this was the biggest kite on the field... the octopus. The girls were allowed to touch it when the owner brought it down to the ground. Liv thought that that was fantastic. Ava cried and thought it was going to "get her" and she ran away. Olivia made her feel better though by giving her a big sister hug.

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