Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Update

I forgot to mention we measured the girls the other day. I was thinking that the car seat Ava rides in requires her to be under 40 pounds and I knew that at her January checkup she was around 34 pounds and 35 inches tall so I figured it was time that she stepped on the scale. In doing so we put Olivia on the scale as well and then measured them for their mark on the wall.

So here's the stats: Olivia weighs approximately 35 pounds and is 40 1/2 inches tall. Ava weighs 35 pounds and is 37 inches tall... She grew 2 inches in 3 months. This was definitely good news that one, we don't need to buy another expensive car seat anytime soon, and two Ava is growing up and not out. I was worried that she had put on a few more pounds since it's been 3 months. Whew. It appears too that the 6 inch gap in height that used to separate the girls height is coming to a close. Olivia's growth is slowing down a bit and Ava is growing like a weed. Oddly Olivia has begun to eat more lately and ask for snacks throughout the day and Ava has actually begun handing the plate back to me and saying she's done eating with food still on her plate.

Kids... just when you get a handle on what they are all about- they go and change everything. Life's never dull that's for sure:)

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