Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Banged Up

Wow I am just becoming such a winner mommy I think that the mommy of the year people should give me a medal. My first medal would be from not panicking when Ava fell off of the side of Olivia's bed. She was climbing on the outside of the bed when her feet slipped and she lost her footing. Her feet got stuck between the mattress and the bed, she fell backwards and hit her head on the carpet, all the while her feet were still stuck in the bed. She couldn't lay flat on the ground because her legs aren't long enough so she was just hanging there... legs trapped. I am actually surprised she didn't break both of her legs.

When I walked into the room I was for sure she had broken them both. I grabbed her by her wrists and quickly lifted her up to release her legs and then thought about how you are not supposed to move someone when they hit their head and since I wasn't sure about her head/neck situation and I had all ready scooped her up I just proceeded to lay her on the bed and give her a quick examination. She was screaming which didn't help things but I could tell she could safely move her neck and head and there wasn't any blood anywhere. So I scooped her up again and took her to my bedroom to rock her and calm her down so I could check out her legs. After a few minutes she quieted down. She had red skinned legs and feet but nothing seemed to hurt when I pressed on her legs and she wanted to get off the chair so I took a deep breath and put her on the ground. She took off running down the hall and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing my two year old still had two good legs. The ironic part of this whole story is that we hardly ever play upstairs and the one day I think to myself maybe we should spend more time up here, it's quickly thwarted with, "we will be staying downstairs from now on..."

My second metal would be given for again not overreacting in a crisis situation. So remember how I said we would not be playing upstairs anymore. Well apparently Ava didn't get the memo. Olivia and I were sitting on the couch reading a book when Ava decided to go up the stairs about halfway and she lost her balance (sound familiar) and fell all the way down the stairs. All I heard was thud thud thud thud whaaaaa!!!! Ava had hit the bottom stair and stopped. Again I scooped her up, checked out her head for any dings, searched for blood, and kissed the booboos. See, after almost breaking her legs one hour previous to this incident I am fully ready for anything and not really phased when the next thing happens... And people foolishly ask me if I am going to have any more kids... I can barely keep these two alive.

So my third medal would be given during the writing of this post. Let me state that each and every day I state that we run outside on the grass and we walk inside. Every day. Like clockwork. It should almost go without saying... you'd think. So Little Miss I know Everything grabbed her handy dandy tape measure which also is said with a warning of no swinging it around decided for herself that running in the house and swinging that dumb tape measure would be a good idea until she spun herself around and went whamo into the wall. Fortunately Liv hit the back of her head and yes I scooped her up, sat her down, and thumbed through her hair in search of blood and bumps. She did not split her head open and any bumps or bruises will be safely tucked away underneath her hair. We like to save the facial bruises for professional picture days, holiday parties, family gatherings... you know anywhere that would really make me look like a horrible parent.

So God only knows what the rest of the day has in store for my kids. I was thinking of wrapping their limbs in bubble wrap. I better get on it though danger appears to be right around the corner...literally.

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