Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Golden Dime

What's a weekend without someone swallowing a dime? Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to the store with the girls in the wagon. Along the way we found several pennies on the ground. Both girls get really excited to put their newly found money in their piggy banks when they get back from walking so as soon as we arrived home in the bank the coins went...

Until a few minutes later.

I went to take a shower and then I heard Dave saying something on the phone about calling the doctor. I didn't hear anyone crying so it was weird that he'd need medical help. So I stopped my shower and went downstairs to investigate the matter. He proceeded to tell me that Olivia told him she was sorry but she put a penny in her mouth and swallowed it. Oh just fabulous. Another Holiday another injury.

After some debate on whether Olivia actually ate the coin or not seeing as all of the pennies from our walk were actually accounted for we decided to just go with the doctor's advice. For the next 3 days we were to follow her around until she poops and then sift through it to see if a coin pops out and if by the third day it doesn't we would have to have her x-rayed AGAIN.

She swallowed the supposed coin on Sunday. Thankfully Dave was home Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday I'd be on my own to hunt for the coin. What a bummer. Except Monday morning Olivia yells out, "Daddy I gotsta poop." He was going to let her poop in the toilet and then fish it out with the fish net but my supreme brilliance offered for him to put her on the little potty and then there wouldn't be any getting of any poop.

Like magic a shiny gold dime (where a dime came from who knows) was born and place sweetly in Liv's baby book for yet another blunder we have performed as parents. I guess it's good parents don't need to acquire a license to have children because we probably would have had ours revoked by now. But let's not get too hasty... 4th of July is just around the corner...

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