Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Reunion

This weekend we managed to finally hook up with my Aunt and Uncle and all of my cousins, first, second and third cousins that is, and my parents. They live less than an hour away and for some reason I never think about driving to their house. I literally drive by their house all the time on my way to somewhere else but this time I made plans to see my Aunt and Uncle for lunch. My parents came too to celebrate an early birthday with me and then they came back to our house and spent the night so we could all go to breakfast in the morning.

So the lunch began with us and well... like with most families one thing led to another and soon my entire family arrived, along with a LOT of food. It was great. The girls were so cute and they had an entirely new surrounding to explore and that they did.

Within five minutes of arriving Livy found the bridge in the backyard. She then became the toll bridge collector.
After a few minutes, Ava finally was able to convince Livy to share the broom. Okay so it might have been more like snatching of the broom but who cares really? She's just so fancy in her sundress. It seems a shame to be cleaning in it.

Ahh, Olivia had gotten the coveted broom back and had decided that sweeping the pool was a rather clever idea. Look at how cute she was in her little dress and ponytail.

15 minutes later...

Remember those cute kids with their hair brushed and pulled up into ponytails and the fancy little dresses they were wearing... Not anymore. Ava spent the rest of the day naked going from the pool to the fountain as well as in and out the doggie door.

This was everyone's view of Ava for most of the day. We really only saw her face when she was made to sit down and eat dinner.

Olivia hadn't gotten her clothes off yet when I took this photo of her washing the rabbits but it only was a matter of time before her dress was tossed aside and she too was naked and carefree.

And here's Peppy the life of the party. Ava chased this dog in and out through the doggie door all day. By the end of the day the dog had to rest. So he sat down and ate dinner with us.
We had such a great time. The girls met their cousins and ran around with them all day. It was nice to see them playing with family. Then by the time we managed to get back into the truck and drive home the girls literally hit the seats and went to sleep. We drove home, picked up a cake from the store, and within minutes Grammie and Papa were here to eat cake and sing happy birthday. Off to bed we went... lala land. Wonderful.

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