Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swim Practice

Swim practice has begun once again but this summer it is a little more special than the previous summers. This summer Olivia has advanced from the mommy & me group to the 3-5 year old instructor assisted without a parent group. That's big news around here. She and her neighbor friend G are in the class together. The first day they were very well known to the instructor by the end of the session. These two were little devils together disobeying the rules and giggling. But by the next day's session they were on target and swimming like little fish.

So since Olivia is now allowed to swim without a parent, Dave and I were able to take turns swimming with Ava. On the nights he has to teach school, which is Tuesday and Thursday, I take the girls by myself to the pool and swim with Ava. On the other two nights, Dave is able to get in the water with Ava so that I can take pictures. This system has worked out pretty good so far.

And let me tell you who else was a little ham in the water... no, not Dave if that's what you were thinking... Ava. She loved the water. Day one we couldn't get her out of the pool nor her swimsuit. She kicked, she cried, but we convinced her she would be back the next day and finally we were able to wrangle her to the truck. This little girl had no fear in the water. She could monkey crawl, float, and blow bubbles like a rock star. She swam underwater and would come to the surface with a huge smile on her face.

I love that the girls are having a great time and enjoying themselves in the water. I also love that Dave has had the opportunity to be a part of it as well instead of always hearing about what we did during the day. I think the girls appreciate it too. More pictures tonight!

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