Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ava's first field trip was to the pumpkin patch. We either went on her day or Olivia's day and since Liv has done this before we gave the day to Ava.
Ava is sitting next to her very best friend. She actually now has her OWN very best friend. It is so cool and she is so stoked about it. The girl follows her everywhere saying, "Ava, wait..." And she has an awesome mom to boot. Gotta love it when your kids pick friends with good parents. Play dates are so much better. Here's Ava in the band making music. Another fave.
The corn maze that the girls just couldn't wait to run through.
Picking out a pumpkin with her buddy, Ava gave me a smile.
My pumpkin after I carved it. The girls liked gutting it and roasting the seeds. Although when it came time to actually eat the seeds Ava politely declined asking if there was pie. That's my girl.
Here's Ava's decorated pumpkin.

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