Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday we went to Six Flags for their Halloween Madness. The girls were dressed in their Halloween outfits and their energy level was through the roof.

We had to see the whale show. Then we had to see the bird show. Then we had to ride the biggest of the roller coasters that they could go on- The Cobra- where Olivia chose to ride with another girl who was 7 years old instead of her family. Then we just had to see the dolphin show, the butterflies, and pet the sting rays. Yes, these girls know exactly what they want to see and do and they don't waste any time dawdling around. They are missionaries.

Now, let me first back up a bit. It was a warm day, sunny but not hot. I blatantly stated before exiting the truck that we would not be going on any water rides because it would be too cold to walk around soaking wet. Like I need to proceed any farther...

We walked to the whale show after about an hour of being at the park. We sat in the highest of the splash zone areas because those seats typically never get wet. Typically doesn't mean always. So the whale comes out first thing and WOOSH went it's tail and SPLASH went the water all over us. The girls were happy. They got what they wanted but for the next half an hour we were wet. Dave looked as if he peed his pants, my flip flops were gooshy, and the kids- Christ, they don't give a rats-ass they were wet. So we immediately hit the butterfly exhibit to dry off in their humid hot room and away we went. Dry again.

From there we made our way on a few more rides, ate lunch, and went to play in the kids area where all the kids were trick or treating. The girls had a great time, Liv met another girl who wanted to ride some rides with her, and Ava played with Dave in the sand.

So by 7PM when we were ready to leave we made our last stop at the restroom. Ava had already used it a few minutes before so she and Dave waited outside. While Liv and I were in the potty something unique happened. When we came out Ava was holding a GIANT Superman ball. Apparently where Dave was waiting there was a man who had won 3 of these balls. Ava had complimented him on his cool balls and Dave had asked what game he had played to win them. The man said it was a basketball game and then handed the ball to Ava telling her she could keep it. She thanked him and was beaming when we walked up.

So for an entire day we spent a whole $2, had tons of fun, and came home with a huge Superman ball. I think that our season passes totally paid off.

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