Thursday, October 14, 2010

Train Museum

Last weekend we went to the train museum with our friends. This wasn't just any ordinary train museum though. This train took us straight to the pumpkin patch. It takes us where???
The girls with Nick on the way to the patch. They are beaming with excitement.
The stop.
Here we go...
A tractor for hay rides and a bunch of scarecrows started off the adventure.
And the best of all things- a giant two story hay maze that the kids can climb on, over, and into where there's ladders and slides.
Can you say GIANT? Or perhaps, "Dave, I think we are never leaving here."

The gang at the top finally held still for one picture.
When these nice people vacated the tractor we all hopped on and headed for a ride through the spooky forest.
The girls, Nick, Rachael, and Eric.
Ava got her spider painted on her face.
Liv went for the butterfly.
Dave's most favorite part of the whole day- launching pumpkins with his girls.

What a fun day. When you have had enough you hop right back on the train and it takes you back to the station.

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