Monday, October 18, 2010

When Scissors Attack

Edward ScissorsHands has nothing on us... Apparently all that cutting wore out Olivia... Did you see the missing hair by her ear? Yip, that where all of her beautiful long hair was. And no, sticky tape will not fix this.
Ahh, to give yourself a horrible haircut and then just sleep it off. Must be nice.
Today's new look before school. We are calling it alternative-punk. Sounds good enough. Notice the bangs have been chopped to about a half inch on the top of her head but she did manage to leave a little in the front.
This picture does not do it justice to how bad the cut really is. I pulled the hair from around the back over to this side to give the allure of hair.
How it should look.
This is the new length for now. I cut all the back off last night to here so that it wasn't as noticeable. But really? Who are we fooling here?? If you look on the left you can see some new layers she added to the back as well.
And Ava a.k.a. the one who didn't cut her hair.

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