Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olivia's 5th Birthday Party

We decided to move Olivia's party up a few weeks since the weather has been changing so frequently and we wanted to have it at the park. Plus with her birthday so close to Thanksgiving it's always been a struggle to find a good weekend. This time we planned it for yesterday, Wednesday, after school and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. And the kids- well there was a lot. Almost 30 I think.
Ava ate lunch while I prepared the table. Olivia had to run home with Papa to potty. She arrived shortly after the picture was taken.
This is probably the best picture ever. Although you can only see Liv's face it is both of my girls with both of their best friends. Playing together. Enough said.

Ava on the move with her buddy in route. They're jamming to the other play structure. This park has 5 or 6 different age range structures so everyone had a place to play.
Singing happy birthday to the star of the show. My big 5 year old.... almost!
All the kids sang their little cute hearts out.

My queen.
I didn't realise how much the kids LOVE party hats. Even the boys ran over and made requests. I never thought they'd wear pink flowered hats. I was wrong.

The unveiling of the gifts.
The loot.
This is just some of her loot. She made out like a bandit. I almost want to re-wrap this stuff for X-mas and save myself some dough.
All in all this was the best party we've had yet. In total I spent maybe $40 and the kids had the best time ever. No pizza, no bouncy house, no Pump It Up. Just the good ol' outdoors and some cupcakes.
Happy Birthday my Queen!!!!

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