Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial 3 Day-athon

I am worked over. This weekend we had 3 different BBQ's each with different meats and seafood. The girls grubbed on oysters and loved them. I thought it was bizarre but all the kids in the neighborhood were chowing down. Every neighbor had a BBQ going... It was awesome. Practically everyone was out all day and night. Someone made brownies, of course there was alcohol, and lots and lots of food. Did I mention I feel fat? Yes, and I look fat too.

We had the final ballet class, another pizza birthday party, the build a shop workshop where the kids built cars with Dave, the girls helped Dave wash the truck which lead into the kids playing in the sprinklers. Man, talk about if you turn it on they will come... I think kids came from different zip codes once the sprinklers came on. My kids loved it. They couldn't get enough. The best part was not having to drive. No one had anything to worry about and everyone was safe.

Olivia's new best friend K who's 5 brought over some make-up. It wasn't until we were at K's pizza party that I noticed Livy was wearing eye shadow and it was put on correctly. They did their nails too. Funny. Little girls are so funny. To see my kids running around all over the neighborhood arm in arm with other girls and with smiles on their faces- well- nothing beats that. For Daddy Dave it was watching his girls eat oysters and love them and then ask for more. He couldn't have been more proud. I think the last count was 125 oysters were purchases over the last 3 days. If you don't know--- that's a lot!

So this weekend was packed full, tons of fun, and actually very simple. Just my kind of weekend.

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