Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fishing With A Worm

Olivia's first real time fishing with a hook and a worm and she catches a sunfish.
Ava caught a large mouth bass but freaked out when it flopped around so she threw it back.
After all the men on the pier decided to call it a day since they weren't catching any fish, Olivia reels in a 13 inch 1.5 pound large mouth bass!!! It was a keeper and she wanted to eat it for dinner.
Of course before we left, Ava had to stop and dig in the sand.
For our first real fishing experience the day couldn't have gone any better. Both of the girls caught 2 fish each and Dave caught a small one too. The only real concern they had was whether or not the worm was going to be okay on the hook... Yip it sure will be when it gets EATEN BY THE FISH!!!

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