Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mouth Milestones

My first baby has a loose tooth!!! I thought perhaps Olivia was just saying that because a friend of hers had lost his tooth recently but I felt it and it is indeed loose. I guess the tooth fairy better get her act together and decide how much the girl's will be getting for each tooth because once she starts she can't decline her price later... Although the economy is not that great right now. I wonder if she's in a recession too???


My second baby has finally stopped sucking her thumb!!! I bought some gross tasting polish a few weeks ago and applied it the first night after her bath. I handed her her favorite lovey and sat back to watch. She promptly grabbed the lovey, stuck the thumb in, and yanked it back out. After which she gave me a death glare but I probably deserved it. Then a few minutes later she did it again, and again the thumb shot out of her mouth. This time Ava asked for some water. Since that night not a thumb has made it passed a lip in this house.

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