Friday, April 1, 2011

April's Fools Day

What a great day. I fooled all 5 people I was hoping to fool. I love this day. Well I really love Halloween but this one comes in at a very close second.

Project Dave: To get him so good he's left speechless.

I called Dave at work and told him Ava and I were waiting for Olivia and a tow truck because we had passed a construction site and apparently picked up a nail in our tire. He was worried about what I was going to do giving me all kinds of good advice such as- have it towed home and he’d fix it for me tomorrow, tow it to Big O but that would take awhile and he didn’t want me to sit through that with the kids, put on the spare etc… but really I should just have them put on the spare and go home and he’d be the man and fix it for me tomorrow. I said, “It would be easiest just to say happy April Fools Day…”

And then he shouts, “YOU SUCK!!!” and I politely hung up the phone laughing. I called him a few minutes later and asked him how much he loved me. He said, “ I didn’t even know it was April. You got me. WHAAAA.”

Mission accomplished.

From the backseat of the truck Olivia said, "Mommy, you got him good!" Then Ava cheered, "You knocked Daddy's socks right off Mommy!!"

I made my kids proud.

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