Monday, July 21, 2008

One Poop, Two Poop, Three Poop, Blue Poop???

Never in my life did I think I would see blue poop. But it does actually exist out there in children everywhere.

Olivia exclaimed in delight, "Mommy poopie. I need to make a turd!" Yes, thank you David for introduced our sweet daughter to the word turd. I get to hear that every day now. She sat on the potty and pooped. I wiped her and noticed that the paper was blue. That seemed awfully strange so I look deep in the bowl and there it was- the big blue monster.. What the hell? I called the sitter who had been over in the morning. As I started telling her what happened I began to open Ava's diaper....

Wow!!! Now that was gross. Blue poop everywhere. It stained her skin. I started remembering back to what they ate yesterday...what could they have eaten that was blue? Oh yeah, I had given them some fruit snacks after their nap. Huh. Tomorrow we'll be eating an apple.

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