Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Gentle Giant

My Ava has earned the name Avacakes since she turned the mark at one. She was born with chunky dimply cheeks and a round little body that pretty much stayed the same until she stopped breasting at at year. Ava was adamant about not receiving milk from a bottle, cup, or any other feeding source but me. She puked breast milk out through her nose if I tried to sneak it in during a feed so someone other than myself could feed her. She's a smart one... She knew what was happening, and would invoke an ear piercing yell to announce to us and the rest of our neighbors that our actions were truly uncalled for and were not allowed ever again.

I called the doctor several times over the next few months to get advice and make sure she wasn't being deprived from any certain vitamins but he seemed to think that if I fed her plenty of cheese and dairy she would be just fine. This was easy since Ava loved anything dairy, so I made sure she ate plenty of yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese... the typical baby dairy items. It did not take long for my round little baby to become plump and juicy and acquire the title, "Avacakes".

So yes she's healthy, big boned, alotta love, squishy, and non the less very happy. She fits in the 4T clothing I buy for Olivia. When friends visit who haven't seen her in awhile they gush over her telling me how they just love round full babies. When I look at her I think how wonderful it must be to be a baby and to be free from all of the societal pressure to be thin. She's beautiful with her little rolls under her butt, and her second chin, and her darling little dimples on her cheeks. She may be huge but she is my gentle giant.

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