Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Lesson For The Day...

Swim diapers are called swim diapers for a reason. They are not meant to be worn anywhere but in the pool. This means they are not to be worn in the car on the way to the pool either. Why is that not written on the package?

I have learned this lesson all too well when we arrived at the pool to find that Olivia was all ready swimming in her car seat. Our 20 minute ride home after an hour of the hot sun beating its way into our car was like a visit from the fresh pee factory. Oh the glorious and stinky pee. How wonderful. Damn those jerks for not putting a warning label on their product.

Oh, the swim diaper is also not meant to be worn at night either. The babysitter put Ava down to bed and apparently she had pooped the big one, so the sitter changed her and reached into the closet and grabbed the wrong diapers. Weird since it looked nothing like the previous one Ava was wearing, but hey it's ok. She was trying to do good. So we come home and at 2 AM Ava starts howling. Apparently she was having her own wet t-shirt contest. When I undress her I find that damn swim diaper has gotten me again. Lucky bastards. Those diapers now reside far from all the other diapers so that they can't fool me again.

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