Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Recap

Whew. 4th of July weekend was a long a weekend. We headed North to visit my parent's house and swim in their pool. The sun was a scorcher, the water was warm, and the Corona's were flowing. It was in fact the perfect weekend.

My parents had gone out of town so we brought along some friends. They have two kids, 10 & 4 months. It was nice having them around. The 10 year old spent the first entire day in the pool. 9 hours to be exact. The baby was cute too. She has begun lifting her head, rolling over, eating rice cereal, staying awake longer, you know all the cute stuff babies do. It was nice having a baby around again. Yes, it does bring up the idea of a third child for us, but it also makes me really appreciate where Olivia and Ava are in their lives. Olivia is so tall and her vocabulary is booming. Ava can dress herself (in Olivia's clothes of course), her growing vocabulary blows me away, her attention span is expanding, and her sweet calm nature is just rockin. I love these two little gals so much.

Anyway we left on Thursday and returned on Monday to a hot house of 91 degrees. We walked through the door and our hair became matted to our faces, our cheeks reddened, and our thirst for a Slurpee increased. I cranked on the AC and Dave shot to the minimart and by nightfall the house temperature had dropped to 84 degrees. Much better.

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