Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For those working mothers...

So a few days ago Dave, my husband, acquired free tickets to a Giants/Cubs game. We called the sitter, made arrangements, and last night everything was set. The sitter showed up, I kissed the girls, told them I'd be seeing them after they were asleep, and to be really good so tomorrow we could cook eggs together. Olivia is becoming quite the cook. I then jumped in the car and rode BART to Oakland to meet Dave and together we rode to the stadium. Once we were there I started thinking about the girls being at home and all the possibilities of things that could happen. It made me nervous but I knew that all my neighbors were home, my sitter's boyfriend's mom was across the street and everything would be fine. I can't imagine how working mothers go to daycare everyday, kiss their kids, and drive away. Maybe after a few hundred times you get used to it, but for me it is very hard since I don't leave them every day. So the few times I have a date night with my husband I feel like I need to web cam my kids. Boy would they grow up paranoid if I actually did that. Anyway on the way home I called the sitter-everything was fine of course- except that Olivia refused to call her by her name. She would only refer to her as her boyfriend's sister's name whom Olivia clearly knew she wasn't. The girls both cried a little while going to be expected, but then clincher was when the babysitter told me that all Olivia needed to go to sleep was a big kiss from her mommy. That melted my heart and made my night.

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