Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's Lesson For The Day...

Today I asked my sweet daughter to be quiet for a few minutes because Mommy had to poop. Yeah Mommies poop, just like bears in the woods, and dogs at the park. Anyhow, Olivia whispered softly, "ok mommy make a poop." Just as I was getting ready to stand back up violent screaming ensued. Olivia had been bitten by Ava.

For the last two days the little fanged Ava has used her chompers to take a few really good bites out of Olivia's hand. There hasn't been any blood thank god but there has been a lot of screaming, tears, and requests that the baby takes a time-out.

Realizing that a quiet peaceful zip-up of my pants was not going to happen, I went to the crime scene, did a swift peak at the wound- not too deep- and wrangled Ava for her time-out. I don't even think she gets the idea of these time-outs but Olivia knows that if someone breaks the rules they get punished and she was going to make sure that her sister did her appropriately deserved time-out. Anyway, I sat Ava down and proceeded to explain to her that biting is not ok, it hurts people, and she needs to use her words instead of her teeth. Meanwhile, Olivia is standing in front of her waiting for the signal to give the 1-5 countdown with her finger just waiting to wag. Gee where'd she get that from? Must be something her father does...yeah that's it.

Soon the two were on their way to playful bliss as I thought back about a conversation I had with Dave regarding taking a dump. I clearly remember saying to him, "when you are at work and you have to shit- you shit and no one bothers you. When I'm at home with the kids and I have to shit I have to make an appointment, call a sitter, and get clearance." So the lesson for today is: when you have to shit- bring earplugs.

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