Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going To The Dentist... IN HEAVEN

Dave and I picked our dentist for all the wrong but wonderful reasons- the perks!! I received a flier three years ago in the mail that claimed 'for all new patients' ...hey that's us!!!

We just had moved and bought our first house 40 miles away from our last shindig. We had to say goodbye to all the medical offices we had once to known in seek of greener pastures. And let me just say that we hit the jackpot. Now you're probably thinking- how could finding a dentist be like hitting the jackpot right? Easy. This one has massage chairs, a DVD player, they are open on Saturdays, and you get free teeth whitening for life. Honestly, we could have cared less if they were the BBB's top 10 of poorly practiced businesses. We just wanted the free whitening- FOR LIFE. Cool. Way cool.

So I moved into this house breastfeeding Olivia, and then shortly thereafter became pregnant again, then nursed Ava for a year, so I wasn't able to start my whitening project until about six months ago. The super cool part was that the dentist kept giving me the gel anyway. Wahoo!!

Today being Saturday we had our six month appointment. We took the kids and planned our appointments back to back so someone stayed with them while the other was IN HEAVEN. Well I sat in the chair first so Dave took the kids to the hardware store and made a return. My appointment went spectacular, my teeth looked good she said, and I felt massaged. So Dave's turn comes and I took the girls for a walk. What did we ice cream parlor. It was 10:58 am. Do I dare take them for ice cream before noon and lunch? Sure why not. You only live once right?

Olivia threw the door open greeting the nice ice cream man. I ordered them 2 cake flavored ice creams on 2 nice big cones. If only I had my camera. Two little girls and ice cream can make a huge sticky mess. Ava snarfed hers as usual not allowing me to help her in any way and snapping at me if she even thought I might to eat some. Olivia daintily sat on her chair eating one lick at a time. They were IN HEAVEN.

All we needed was for Dave to finish up and we were on the fast track home. Out of the office comes a sullen face and three cavities. The heaven bubble had popped.

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Lisa said...

Isnt that the way it always goes? On a side note, my 5 year olds ped is in a building that has a ben and jerrys inside. Everytime we go there for something, she manages to con me into a scoop of ice cream at 9 in the morning. And the awful mother looks I get on the way out of the building are pretty priceless. Thanks for sharing!