Sunday, July 13, 2008

Naked Swimming Babies

Ava woke up from her nap with puffy eyes, her sweet chubby little smile, and her finger pointing straight at the bobbleheads my husband has been collecting for years. "Bobble, bobble" she tells me. It is so cute that every time we pass these things it's like she is seeing them for the first time. She becomes so excited grabbing her head and shaking her body.

I told her that we were heading outside to see her daddy and to go swimming when "she she" woke up. Shortly thereafter a neighbor arrived and everyone sat down to chat, and then his wife came over and Liv woke up so we made our way to the backyard so the girls could play. Ava jumped into the baby pool clothes and all. Her diaper looked like it weighed a good fifteen pounds. Olivia decided to get in the pool naked. She was laughing and playing and splashing everybody. Our pizza man came by too. It was great to sit in the yard and enjoy it a little without having to be working in it.

Ava dipped her pizza in the pool a few times, still ate it of course... Olivia thought it looked like a winning idea and soaked her pizza too. The dog ran around and cleaned the crumbs. It was a relaxing enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

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