Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen- 1st Edition

Thirteen Things about my dog...

1. She has a pretty face and good breath for a dog.

2. She's loving and sweet to my kids.

3. She is truly my first dog that I raised from puppyhood.

4. She loves to lick our cat's face and eat her eye boogers.

5. She eats my kids boogers too. Why spend money on tissue?

6. She provides mood music with her snoring when we have sex.

7. She is always ready to play.

8. She can do some tricks for treats.

9. When we take her for a ride in the car and we cross a bridge- she ducts down.

10. She loves the smell of poop. It makes it easy to know when Ava needs to be changed.

11. She lays on the leather couch we when leave the house.

12. She loves peanut butter.

13. Her name is Lady.

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Bellezza said...

Don't you just love dogs? Especially yours? I liked your list, and our dog sounds very similar (receiving as much love, too).

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Welcome to TT and you did a great tribute to your pup with this one. You can pop by The Cafe for mine if you's like, this is my 40th edition this week.

Anonymous said...

Very nice list. I love my dog Lady. She is the best. Happy TT.

elaine said...

lol my dog's a booger eater too... and she has a pretty face and good breath... my first dog that i had from a puppy lived for 20 years! thru thick and thin boy

Michelle said...

Gotta love dogs. No matter how ugly a dog can be I think they are all so cute. I have two Golden Retrievers. Such an adorable TT. Loved it. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my place.