Saturday, July 26, 2008


The girls napped for 3 hours today. Oh what I relief. It gave us time to mow and weed eat the lawn, fix some drawers that needed to be re-childproofed, fix the two windows that had broken locks on them since we purchased this house a few yeas ago...We even had time to stop, relax, and breathe for a moment without the chanting of, "mommy-daddy, daddy-mommy".

Nap time is wonderful. Dave and I had a long conversation with one of our favorite neighbors. We relaxed without having to ask Olivia to stay in the driveway and out of the street. It may have only been 3 short hours but it was the equivalent of a dead battery being fully recharged. When the girls woke up we were ready for them. The best part of the whole day was that both girls woke up in a great space, were totally loving an affectionate and I swear- they didn't cry, whine, or moan, for anything the entire night. At bed time Olivia asked to nuggie for "one minute" as she says. Dave obliged and at the end of her cartoon she said, "bedtime daddy". What???? Who is this girl and where is my Olivia? Is this the same fit throwing, tantrum having, toddler just last week that I was bitching about that wouldn't let Dave put her to bed without a fight?

Yes. It is. We have turned yet another page in the Miss Olivia book. Part of me thinks...good god what does she have in store for us now and the other part of me thinks...I really enjoy this sweet, adorable little girl.

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