Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Weight Gain...What Happened???

Ok so I know what happened. I am really good Monday through Friday afternoon at sticking to my diet and then Friday night happens and it's over. I get this kooky idea that Friday night I deserve to eat what I want because I did so well the rest of the week. In theory that might work if I didn't get the same kooky idea on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning I stepped on the scale and was 7 pounds heavier than I was the week before. 7 pounds in a week. Good God what did I eat...let me think. Well there was some pizza, some wine, candy, the jumbo sized slurpee, gee I really don't know how I could have packed on all that weight.

My saving grace was that Dave packed on 7 pounds as well. At least we do it together so I don't have to feel like a fatty all by myself. But after explaining to him that I seriously have to watch my diet and work out he brought home donuts. What the hell? I am not eating those donuts! He said it was his incentive for working out. He'd eat a donut after dinner and then he'd want to work out. So the short version of that was when 9 PM rolled around and he hadn't worked out he said it was too late and he'd do it tomorrow. Yeah... ok.

Today I am down 3 of those 7 pounds. I did jog for thirty minutes yesterday but I need to pick up the pace and jog at least 3 miles. So far I do a little over 2 miles. I have been jogging 4 days a week but I'd like to jog six days if possible. This weekend I am going to try resist temptation too. We'll see how that goes later.

This is an addendum to earlier. I jogged today for 30 minutes and had hit 2 miles at around 27 1/2 minutes. I'm getting better at 10 second increments at a time.

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