Thursday, July 3, 2008

Packing up...

Leaving for the 4th tomorrow. Dave's at work and the girls are running crazy all throughout the house. I know that they have a keen sense as to when I need time to get things done around the house so they pick those moments to chase each other and push each other down. Whatever it takes to break my momentum and bring me back to them with my full attention.

A friend of mine has a son and wants to have another child as a single mother. It is at these times of frustration that I hold the phone in my hand ready to call her and say, "Really? Are you sure about that? Another kid? Whew. A lot of work and you'd be by yourself..." But then the moment passes and the girls say something endearing like Olivia's, "Mommy Ida Boe" (peek-a-boo) or Ava's, "NONONONONONONO sheshe" (No sissy).

So far we are almost completely packed. The house is cleaned and sheets are washed. Everyone is over the flu. Hello vacation!

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