Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend

The weekend is almost over and we crammed so much into it. Yesterday we went clothes shopping, grocery shopping, and pet store browsing. Then we found this really cool lake/pond/pool place to swim. Apparently at one time this was part of a lake that was closed off to make a swimming pool, complete with chlorine, and sand. It was really a strange phenomena to see but it starts out about 6 inches deep with a sand bar that goes out about 30 feet. Then the sand just stops and it becomes a swimming pool bottom that gradually becomes 5 ft. Weird I know but soo much fun. The girls had a blast playing and building sand castles. We took them to the deep part and let them jump into the water which is both girls' favorite thing to do at the pool. We bought some BBQ for dinner on the way home. Ava was so tired she crashed for an hour during dinner. When we woke her up her little eyes were red and puffy but like a trooper she sat on the potty and went right away. I think she smelled dinner and wanted to eat but hey- who can blame her when there's BBQ waiting in the kitchen for her.

This morning Daddy Dave made everyone blueberry muffins and cream of wheat. Yes, he cooked it all and it was fantastic. After breakfast Avacakes, who is cutting another tooth, made her potty, Livy made her potty, and Dave cleaned the kitchen up. I paid the bills, cleaned the bathrooms, dyed my hair, and took care of our godawful litter box. Ewww did it stink. I swear that cat can annihilated a small village with what she leaves in there. Anyway, Dave and his little women went to buy a new vacuum since ours bit the dust during the cleaning and after they get back and eat lunch Dave and I will begin repairing the pool that the cat popped when she thought she could stand on it. Hopefully the water will be warm enough for the girls to swim in today after their nap. It's only about 74 degrees out right now so the odds are slim but here's to hoping.

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