Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Potty Talk

Last night we went to the park after dinner. This was our first experiment to see if Ava could keep her panties dry. We were out for about an hour and when we returned she was dry. Yea Ava! Today I took the girls shopping for experiment number 2. Ava had peed before we left the house. We went to two stores and came home with dry panties. Again Yea Ava!!

Now the poop thing is a whole different story. She has pooped in the potty before but seems to like going in the panties better. I have a feeling she poops standing up and that's why I keep missing when she's going. I am not overly worried about this though. It did take Livy a while before she mastered it.

On a side note: we are all still sick. I feel much better today and my throat doesn't hurt as much. Olivia is still snotty but better. Ava seems to have gotten worse and now has the yucky yellow snot. I really don't know how Dave is doing. He has a whole bunch of other issues to worry about...

This weekend we go to Grammie's house to go swimming. This will be the last time we go back until Christmas. I have to pack a few things but mostly I have left toys and clothes there so I don't have to bring too much. This should be a fun weekend. It is supposed to be hot and Grampie wants to BBQ. They are also giving Olivia her big girl day bed for us to bring home. It should be an interesting next week.

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