Friday, August 29, 2008

The Amazing Olivia

Olivia rode her 2 wheel bike with training wheels yesterday all the way to the park. She rode with super fast lightning speed and the grace of an angel. Ok some of that statement might be a wee bit extreme. Liv did ride her bike exceptionally well and fast, but as far as graceful... not so much. She was looking all over the place and basically zig zagged her way to the park. When she got there she made a lap around the playground before jumping off to play on the slide. She was super proud of herself and we were too. It had been awhile since she had been on her big girl bike. When we left the park, she put her helmet on and rode home in a straight line. It was amazing. She just got on and took off. I freaked out that she was going too fast and thought she might eject herself over the handlebars so I caught up to her and slowed her down. I guess she has inherited the speed demon traits of her father. All the way home Livy chanted, "Mommy I go fast..." Yes Olivia you sure did!

On another note, Ava wore her panties to the park and came back dry. Good job big girl! AND....before we left for the park Ava told us she had to go potty so Dave put her on the BIG potty and she made a GIANT poop. Everyone screamed and clapped for her. You would have thought she had just won the lottery.

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