Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things that I fix around my house if I had more money:

1. I would landscape the front yard and make it look attractive to the rest of the neighborhood.
2. I would landscape the backyard so the girls could play on grass and we would have a place to sit and eat dinner when it is nice outside.
3. I would buy a new lawnmower so I could actually start it without help. Ours is too hard to pull the cord and make start.
4. I would buy a new toilet for the bathroom since ours is broken.
5. I would repaint all the places that have dings around the house.
6. I would paint our room since it has never been painted.
7. I would rent a stump grinder to remove the huge ugly stump in our front yard.
8. We could use a hot tub but that's really dreaming.
9. I would replace our windows with "low e " dual pane windows to cut the cost of our electricity bill.
10. I would build a house of a rabbit so the girls could have a bunny.
11. I would ask Dave what he would want fixed.
12. I would hire a maid to really clean the blinds and windows.
13. I would probably buy a new mattress because our albatross is awful.

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Alice Audrey said...

At least it doesn't sound like you need anything too major. Maybe take them on one at a time?

Monday through Sunday said...

Hot tub and a maid..very nice!