Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Sunday

With only a few weekends left before Dave starts teaching again, I really want to make the most out of them and have the weekends be full and fun for the girls. They need to spend as much time with him as possible since during school year they won't see him three days out of the week.
So today we had breakfast outside at our picnic table. Ava had no problem eating her waffles, cottage cheese, and banana. Olivia had to be bribed to eat hers. She really just wanted to play and be squirted with the hose.
When Ava finished her breakfast she ran all around the yard. I watered all of the dead spots while she ran through the hose and giggled. Olivia was still sitting at the table not eating her food of course. She was throwing it everywhere.
Soon we cleaned them and the table up and headed to the park. The girls are so big now that they can both walk there and back all by themselves. It's a little bit sad for me that Ava, the baby really isn't a baby anymore, and can do for herself. I know that she will probably be my last baby and a small part of me wanted her to remain a baby just a little bit longer but she's so persistent and into Livy's business that she has grown up so much faster than Olivia.

When we made our way to the park Olivia ran off to climb all over the jungle gym to show daddy every thing that she can do now. Basically that's everything that the park has to offer.. Ava showed off her expertise as well. She can climb the stairs and go down the slide by herself. She does not want us to help her. If we get too close she grunts and screams at us to back off. It's cute and scary at the same time.

We played until we were tired and Livy said she was ready to go home for her water and a snack. We always have a snack and water after the park. Again we walked home and lounged around until Dave was ready to go get the oil changed in the car followed by a car wash. Of course the girls yelled, "shoes...ews...eeewwws..." until he let them go with him."

So now I am home alone. It's been a half hour but it feels like an entire day. I can't wait until they get back and see what the rest of this day has in store for us.

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