Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Potty Talk

Oh brother. Today was a tough one. Ava's diaper was wet when I sat her on the potty. It didn't feel hot but I suspect that she had peed not long before. So she was sitting putting her puzzles together and it had been awhile. I was ready to put the diaper back on and try again later. Of course someone came to the front door before I got the diaper on... It happened to be the Animal Control guy who was coming to see if he could remove a bird's nest from the side of our house. The birds have flown away so we have the opportunity to seal up the hole before they come back to nest again. Anyway, I told him I'd meet him in the yard and I quickly threw a diaper on Ava minus her pants. Yes, I should have seen it coming and now regard myself as an idiot, but I no sooner walked into the backyard, then Ava rips off the diaper and pees on the floor. Of course.

When I came back into the house Liv had no problem telling me that the baby had peed "right here mommy" on the floor. So after all that time of waiting we missed the show in the potty. Oh well. God knows she has a lot more where that came from. Sure enough an hour later we were back on the potty clapping our hands and eating some candy for a job well done.... and a mighty big pee pee to boot!

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