Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Beach

It started out to be a pretty windy morning. We decided to pack a small picnic lunch and head to the beach to eat and play in the sand. Little did we know the day would turn out to be very hot and beautiful.

I asked Liv if she wanted to go to the beach. She yelled yes and quickly put her shoes on. "I go beach mommy. Shoes on." Ava heard the excitement and exclaimed, "ews ews" while pointing to her feet. She knows that she has to have her shoes on to go somewhere and she is always ready to go.

Dave and quickly packed up the ice chest, toys, and swimsuits and jumped into the car. All the way there Olivia told us about how she was going to the beach, going to the beach, going to the beach, you get the idea right?

We arrived and found we weren't the only family with this idea. The whole park was hoppin' with people, kids, boats, tents, everything. It was great. The girls were totally excited.

We hopped out of the car and found a shady picnic table for lunch. The girls were so cute, sitting there drinking their juice and eating their sandwiches. Soon we were finished eating and had changed into our swim suits to head down to the water.

The girls loved the playing in the sand. Olivia was into throwing it at everyone and putting it on top of Ava's head. Ava didn't seem to mind and kept right along digging. She built a huge sand castle with Dave and Livy would come by and stand on top and kick it down occasionally. Then Ava would stand on top and kick it down. They were filthy and loving it.

Ava and I strolled down the beach a bit and wandered upon a little dog. She had her index finger pointing feverishly and shouting, "daw..daw" Then Livy ran up and asked the ladies if she could pet it. Both girls were able to pet the puppy. That always makes their day.

So it started getting sweaty hot on the beach. We had been playing for at least 3 hours so we cleaned up and headed home. On the way we stopped at McDonald's and got 4 ice cream cones. Ok mommy not the brightest idea for two toddlers to be eating in the back of the car but you have to live dangerously sometime.

The rest of the way home was one of the quietest car rides. If I didn't know better I would have thought the girls were sleeping...instead they were chowing down and loving it. We arrived home and our neighbors brought over their new tiny puppy. Oh the girls were able to play with two puppies in one day. Fantastic. Off to dreamland they went after a quick shower and a kiss good night.

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