Friday, August 8, 2008

Potty Training ~ Day 4

Today was another great potty training day. Livy and Ava slept in today until almost 9 AM. By the time we got dressed, ate breakfast, and cleaned up breakfast it was almost 10:30AM. I thought about putting Ava on the potty and figured we would wait just a little while. She was having fun playing with her sister and they were totally entertained and focused on what they were doing. More importantly I was able to drink my coffee in peace.

As I savored every drop for the first minute I looked over and there's Ava sitting fully dressed on the potty. You know the saying when you gotta go you gotta go. Well she had to go. I undressed her from the waist down, sat her back down, and again offered her a puzzle. She put it together and took it apart a few times. About 10 minutes had passed and then a trickle came. Ava looked into the potty and pointed. We clapped and shout hooray. Then a minute later another trickle followed by a stream. There she was in all of her glory looking down into a bowl full of urine and she looked up smiling and stood up and hugged me.
Again she struggled with getting dressed but I gave her her treat and told her we'd go bye bye. That was all it took and we were out the door.

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