Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Beginnning of Potty Training Season- Day 1

Yes. It has started once again. Ava is 18 months old and ready to begin. She all ready likes to take her diaper off and sit on the potty so here's to hoping this will be a bit smoother than it was for Olivia.

Today we started with the usual diapers off approach. Ava sat on the potty for awhile and we clapped and cheered her on. Unfortunately no pee but that's ok. She wanted to get up and move around again so I went along with folding my laundry while the girls played in the living room. I looked up from my pile of clothes to see this cute bewildered look on Ava's face. She had peed on the floor. A few wet puzzle pieces and a hard wood floor has made cleaning up rather easy. After sitting on the potty again with no results the diaper went back on for a while. Soon Ava was eager to rip open the tabs so I figured go ahead....oh how did I not see that coming. Immediately she peed on the floor. If Livy wasn't insistent on stepping in it, this would have made for an easy clean up also.

Now I am armed with paper towels and ready for the... oh no there she goes again. Wow! After the huge puddle she just left on the floor I didn't think there would be much left in her. This time she has sprayed the carpet a little. It's ok though, many diapers have been changed on this rug. I plan on getting rid of it next summer when Ava is completely out of diapers anyway.

So after a few more clean ups I am aware of the pattern forming. As soon as Ava feels like she needs to pee, she takes her diaper off. That is where we will start tomorrow. Diaper on, armed with cleanup supplies, and lying in wait for Avacakes to take the diaper off. Today she spent an hour naked from the waste down. Not bad for day 1.

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