Sunday, August 10, 2008

Potty Training ~ Day 5

We might be out of diapers sooner than I thought. Ava is really taking to potty training. Today she walked over to the potty by herself and sat down. Dave immediately removed her clothes and helped her back on. She played for about fifteen minutes with her puzzles and books and then sure enough she knew what was happening. She looked down into the bowl and saw the first drizzle. She pointed and I reaffirmed with her that that was indeed her pee pee floating in the bowl. She then pushed out a little more and looked at me for confirmation again. I told her she was doing it. She was going potty. She looked down once more and out it came. The giant flow of pee right into the bowl. She jumped up and turned around to she what she had done. She was very excited and proud of herself. Dave rushed over to congratulate her and check it out the contents of the bowl. She proudly pointed her finger at the pee and said, "all done." And yes she was...just in time to going swimming in the backyard.


bv said...

I love the name Ava and I'm excited that potty training is going so well for her! It's one of those things that can be so frustrating and brings such a feeling of satisfaction when there is success! I love that she was seeking confirmation from you and I think it's awesome that both you and your husband were there for her big moment!!!

After Hours said...

This has been very easy. It helps having an older sibling show the way! Thanks for reading!