Friday, August 22, 2008

The Superstar

Ava, the superstar, has done so well today in her big girl panties. I has been 2 hours since we all got out of bed and she has not wet her panties yet. Today we started by removing her diaper and putting her directly on the potty. Within seconds she had finished so on went the panties. I have to admit that while she ate breakfast in her high chair I was holding my breath that she didn't pee all over the place. Once she was done eating she went right back to the potty. Again she used it within a few seconds and back on went her panties.

So the best part: Awhile later, Ava said pee pee and took off her panties. I directed her to sit on the potty and she went willingly and made a pee. So cool. She did this a few more times and each time took off her panties for herself and made a pee. Now she doesn't so much want to put the panties back on but that's ok. I make a game out of it and eventually her feet end up in the panties. If we can continue like this for awhile I think Ava may eventually be out of diapers by Thanksgiving and that's something to give thanks for...

Update: Ava made it the entire morning without having an accident and using the potty all by herself. I'm totally shocked that she has taken the initiative to sit on the potty and recognize when she has to go. I thought that that would be down the road somewhere but maybe putting the panties on has made the whole difference. Either way Ava you rock!!!

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