Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hummm. She's holding out on me...

Today's potty training has been unsuccessful to say the least. I think Ava has caught on to what is happening and is holding out for something better than the treats she is currently being provided. That little sneaky baby. Well has she got something coming to her...

This morning when I opened her door to see if she was awake I found her sitting in the corner of her crib chatting it up to her fellow com padres tiny dolly and little white rabbit. Of course her lovey was in hand too soaking up all the gossip. So as I opened the door I was greeted with my usual, "hello mommy" and waved arms ready to escape the crib. And there it was- the faint smell of poop. What a wonderful morning.

We walked down stairs and I asked Ava to lay down so that I could change the poop which of course she didn't. I began to unzip her anyway. Oh Yeaaa! She had poop up to her boobs. Back up the stairs we went to get rid of the mess in the tub. Even Ava was disgusted by the sight and smell of it. As the zipper was nearing her belly button and she saw the smear across her chest she said, "EWWWW". Yeah, your darn right ewwwwww.

After the 10 minute shower Ava sat on the potty. Nothing happened in the bowl. We waited a little longer and still nothing and to top it off she kept messing with the potty lid and trying to sit on top of it. This has become the norm the last few days where she can't keep her hands off the lid so she got off the potty and I put the diaper back on. Small victory for her.

An hour later Ava was back on the potty. Since I removed a dry diaper I thought she'd peed. Wrong. Nothing in the bowl again and a huge argument ensued over that stupid lid.

Lunch came and went and Ava had one more chance to sit on the potty. She had not peed all day so I would assume she would have to go at some point. After a good 10 or 15 minutes the smallest pee ever trickled into the bowl. She clapped and pointed and I accepted that that was as good as it was going to get. Ava went to bed and I got out the screwdriver and removed that stupid lid. HA.

I'm sure she will find something just as annoying to do again but at least now the bowl is open and I don't have to deal with the lid.

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