Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend Sugar reached 18 weeks old and received her Rabies shot so she is officially street legal. We roped her up with her little leash, strapped up Lady as well, put on all of our jogging shoes and headed out the door. Sugar walked with pride as she strutted her little self down the street like a big dog wagging her tail and jumping around Lady in delight. It was exciting now that each of the girls had a leash to hold, a dog to walk, and no time to argue about whether it was 'her turn' or not. Ava chose to walk Lady and actually had her under control the entire time giving her a yank when she tried to walk too far ahead. Livy held Sugar which was relatively easy since she's so light she can't really get ahead and Livy had her under control the entire time too. She is a really good dog walker.

We walked the long way to the playground and showed Dave the route we take for our morning outings. We scoped out the neighborhood for coins but came up empty handed. Sad face. Then we hit the dirt trail and Dave and I held the leashes and the girls went running. "Look Daddy, I jogging. I swing my arms like this..." Then Ava demonstrated how she could jog and swing her arm above her head like a looneytune. Olivia jogged ahead too and acted like she had to show Ava the way because she's 3 and she gets privileges that Ava doesn't get and she is going to make sure Ava is very aware of it every opportunity she gets. Ugg. I knew the first time I uttered those words to Olivia they were going to come back and bite me... and they have... over and over again, everywhere we go. I think I can now hear them in my sleep. "I'm 3 and I get to..."

The girls impressed their daddy by illustrating their ability to jog the entire trail and then they led him straight to the playground. They climbed around for awhile and then we headed home for lunch and naps. We all napped. It was amazing. We never do that-ever. I can't remember the last time I took a nap during the day. It felt great and we all woke up with a very prominent sleep hangover, kinda grizzly, kinda still in a fog. We hung out and my neighbor came over with her stepdaughter. The girls played and laughed and were occupied by someone other than us for awhile and it was wonderful. Dave watched sports, I hung out with Keri, we had peace.

Sometimes that is all you can really ask for in a weekend. Actual down time and a bucket of liquor. Did I just say that? We had a fun family weekend together and without spending any money. That's an achievement in it's self and big fat break for the lack of funds we have anyway. I think we could use a few more of these:)

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