Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My BeefCake

Went to the doctor to get the goiter checked out on the back of Ava's leg. Turns out it is a begnine cyst that may or may not go away on it's own, may or may not get bigger, and can and may be removed whenever we deem necessary. Good to know.

I was afraid it would be a wart. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

The boy next door had warts last year pretty bad and it was gross. He had to have them burned off. God only knows where he got them from and thankfully they didn't spread to anyone else.

As of now we just need to keep an eye on the little lump and make sure it doesn't change. I think she's too young to be worrying about having it surgically removed. Just to get her to lay still to numb her leg would be a pain in the ass and then she definitely wouldn't lay there on the table long enough to let them cut it out. Can you spell NIGHTMARE? And of course I'd be alone with Olivia who would be there to create a raucous just on principle. I think NOT. But if Ava chooses that when she's older than I'm behind her 100 percent. Unless of course it does get bigger and it consumes her entire leg...then we could do it sooner.

So while we waited for the dermatologist, my lovey pediatrician reminded me yet again to bring in pictures of the kids for his wall and announced that he would be setting Ava up with a nutritionist...Wow quite a leap from, "your kids are cute, I'd like a picture please" to "and FYI your daughter needs her calories counted." Umm. I know that she's on the heavier side (85% in weight for her age and 97% in height for age) and I did admit we over fed her to keep her at the table with us last year because she ate so fast BUT after her 2 year checkup I did cut her portions down considerably, with much crying from Ava, and cut out a lot of extra snacks, limited juice and milk, and she is slimming down. But I guess none of that really matters.

I should probably just be thankful that my appointment today was free. Who knows what the nutritionist will cost. Perhaps just a regular co-pay. All-in-all I thought I was doing a pretty good job just in portion control and in getting her out to exercise. Apparently now I have to count calories as well. I wonder if she's too young for lean cuisine? Just kidding. I guess now I can cross Popsicles off my grocery list.

And for those of you who have skinny kids...the grass ain't any greener on the other side.

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