Thursday, August 13, 2009

Art Project- Day 2

Liv painted the maracas and added glitter.
She colored the pizza all these different colors..

and she was given a new book to read at home!!!

If this wasn't great enough Livynut also had a wonderful transition to and from school without any attitude. While she was in school Ava and I went shopping and picked Liv up a brand new booster seat so when she climbed into the truck there it was waiting for her. She loved the ride home with her drink cup filled up and positioned in her holder and she explored the fancy reading lights. Had I thought about it sooner I would have taken her picture in it but I will do that over the weekend. She couldn't wait to get home though to show me all her new stuff in her backpack and tell me about her day. I'm feeling better and better about Livy going to school and I'm enjoying my one on one time with Ava. Phew.

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