Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dad's Day Off...

Wednesday Dave took a personal day to go with his girlies to the theater to see KungFu Panda for free. Awesome movie, buckets of popcorn, and smiles all around. When it was over we ran into one of our babysitters who hadn't yet left for college. She gushed over the girls, again all smiles and then we grabbed up our free zoo passes and headed to the zoo. Liv was excited. This time both girls had backpacks to carry their lunches in and their sunglasses and sun screen. Boy did they fell like big girls! They road all the free rides, took the gondola across the zoo, and ran everywhere. I think Dave was impressed by how self sufficient they have become.

When we were through observing the animals we headed home. Olivia slept the entire way and Ava just watched the cars on the freeway. It was pleasurable knowing that there was some sort of silence in the truck. Never happens when I'm alone but- whatever. We arrived home, put Liv on the couch, fed Ava, bathed Ava, woke up Liv to take a bath too, and then everyone went to bed. Awesome day all around, definitely worth a personal day for Dave.

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