Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dogs, Art, And The Other Stuff

While Olivia was away at preschool Ava was an excellent doggie mommy.

As you can see she loves her puppy very much.

Once home, Livy displayed her art creations. This is the big yellow sun.

This is "B" the letter for the week.

Here's Olivia's name written by yours truly.
And the 2 most important things that Livy said happened at preschool today were 1) when Gracie, her best friend, gave her a kiss on her back. They hugged and Livy hugged some other kids too who according to Olivia are all her best friends and 2) she saw a boy go potty and demonstrated it for me both in the car and in front of the toilet. She pushed her pants down and said, "he holds his crotch like this and then squirt..squirt!!!" Isn't preschool lovey...

And in our own pottyland, Olivia hasn't had any potty accidents at all since the first two days she started sleeping in her panties. She just knows to hold it now I guess. I thought this would have been a longer process but thank heavens it wasn't. She is completely and fully potty trained. WooHoo Livynut!!!

Ava started today wearing her panties during nap. I have a feeling things will work out just fine. She never wets her pull ups at nap anyway. After a week or two I'll start with her sleeping at night. My little girls are growing up- literally. Ava grew another half inch in a month. She is now 38 1/2 inches tall and maintaining her 37 pounds, and Olivia is 42 inches tall and 37 pounds. Both of them are wearing size 5-6 clothing from the girls (not toddler) department. At this rate next week they'll be shopping in the juniors department. We better find a money tree soon:)

Ava made it through her first nap in panties and came out of her room dry...cranky, but dry. Good job Avacakes!!!

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