Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Day Of Preschool

I've been imagining this day in my mind for awhile now playing out every possible scenario always searching for the best possible outcome. Hopefully we wouldn't cry, Liv wouldn't suddenly attach herself to my leg and become my latest appendage, Ava wouldn't scream bloody murder because she has to leave the school with me while her sister stays.

What I didn't imagine in all of this time was that Olivia would march her yippy skippy ass up to the door, invite me in for a brief second to guide her to her seat, show her where to put her backpack, and then say goodbye with a smile and literally shut the door on me as I turned to leave. She could have cared less if I left. In fact she wanted me gone...gone... go home mom.

Then another mom prepared herself for departure and as she headed for the sliding glass door Olivia followed her. As soon as she landed on the first step out of the door, Olivia reached up, shut the screen door, the slider door, and then headed for her seat.

Livy was ready for preschool.

Ava and I weren't.

Dave had taken Ava back to the truck because we had a good feeling if we let her in the classroom she would have had a tantrum leaving. As we suspected we were right. As I round the corner of the preschool I could hear Ava crying in the distance.

We dropped Dave off at home so he could go to work. Ava and I did a little shopping and then headed home to wait for Olivia. We both just sat there kind of unsure what to do with ourselves. Finally it was time to go pick sissy up. Woo Hoo!

Oh we picked her up all right and a sassy little attitude to boot. She was furious when she discovered Daddy wasn't in the car, she complained for 45 minutes about wanting to go to his work, and repeatedly told me she did not want to talk to me, she was mad.

Is it going to be like this every time? Let's hope not.

She did recover from her issues and began to offer up the goods on what happened the first day. They used paint and scissors, were measured and weighed (42 1/2 inches tall and 37.4 pounds), played in the sand with tea cups, and just had fun. They also had their pictures taken and sang a song. Liv did say the teacher had to tell her no when she touched someones name tag on their chair, two of the boys pushed each other, and one girl cried when her mom left. AND Liv did say she was a little sad when I left so she called me on the screamer (speaker) phone. Awe that's my girl.

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