Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why God? Why?

After going to preschool and coming home a punk for an hour Olivia finally returned to her normal self and joyfully told me all about her first day. We were happy and looking forward to daddy coming home to tell him all about it. She was excited to wear her new jammies to bed and things really looked like they had made a turn for the better until Olivia ate her last bite of food at dinner, drank a bunch of water, gagged herself and puked down the front of herself. Oh the roller coaster continues all the while I am trying desperately to maintain my PMS.

I cleaned the puke off of Olivia and put her clothes in the washing machine. Now she's naked of course so I told her to go to her room and wait for me and I'd be upstairs after I cleaned up the rest of the puke off of the chair. Minutes later I walk into her room to get her fresh clothes and she says, "here mommy it's pee pee." I'm like- Whaaat??? as I took the cup almost throwing it aside thinking it was empty and I was trying to get her dressed. Then I noticed it WAS full of pee. AND she spilled it all over the sheets, bedspread, and floor. Keep in mind I washed her entire bed set yesterday. I felt fire rise up inside of me. I dropped her clothes on the floor and told her I was leaving her room, she was staying in there, and in a few minutes her father would be home to talk to her.

I so wanted this to be a good day. Liv's first day of school should (I thought) be wonderful. But instead it was a disaster to the end. After Dave discussed not urinating in her toys or anywhere other than the potty she said she did it because she wanted to pee in the ice cream cone (another toy). She wasn't angry that she was sent to room. She didn't do it maliciously. Just curious... Oh that just makes it all ok then. It was a science experiment. Add sarcasm anytime.

To make matters worse she didn't nap either. The rule has been she has to go to bed at 7:30PM on no nap days and 8PM on days she naps. On her way to bed she overheard Dave saying to Ava that they were going to play the board game. Liv flipped out and sobbed for what seemed like ever... maybe 30 minutes. I went in and explained that's the rule on no nap days and Ava had slept. I also reminded her she doesn't get rewards for peeing in her room. She sobbed even more. I felt like a schmuck. Maybe we are punishing her too much. My mind went to the extremes but in reality it was her bed time above all else. She was just jealous of Ava.

After awhile Liv calmed down and told me that, "mommy, we don't pee in our room. Only in the potty mommy." So she was listening between all those bouts of protest. Thank God for small miracles.

Today has been a better day. I am still suffering from the cruel world of PMS but the girls have had a good day playing together without arguing and they ate their breakfast without any incidents. We've colored, read books, ate a snack, and now are enjoying the Tinkerbell movie. Ava has requested 'susgetti' for lunch and Liv wanted meatballs so I need to start preparing lunch.

Hopefully when we take Liv to school tomorrow Ava doesn't freak out when we have to leave and when we pick Liv up she doesn't come home with a split personality. I don't think I'm asking for much, other than I'd like to win the lotto too...

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