Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Jog

It started out to be a pretty good day. We began our normal morning routine eating breakfast and coloring. I broke out the flashcards and Liv practiced counting her numbers to 40. She's doing really well identifying numbers, counting objects, and learning the tens (10, 20, 30 etc.) Once we finished that I decided we needed to move around and get the blood pumping. On our quest to achieve a level of exercise I felt was at least adequate for a morning routine I walked the girls the long way to the park. They found a nickel and a dime along the way so everyone was happy because both of them were able to pick up a coin and everything was fair. Once we reached the park we started out on our one lap jog around the dirt trail. It was at this time I reminded Olivia several times to stay by me, not run so fast, don't do the silly legs or she would fall and get hurt, just jog please- J-O-G.

We made it about two thirds of the way around, the playground in sight, Ava's holding her own, and then it happened. Olivia's legs began kicking up high behind her back, she gained some speed, and then BAM, she hit the ground hard. Covered in dirt from head to toe, Liv began crying. I walked over and picked her up to access the situation, calling Ava to come back as she zoomed by me happily jogging away asking about sissy over her shoulder. First of all, I saw this coming and was prepared to not freak out. I knew one of these days Olivia was going to fall flat on her face because she acts so goofy when she runs but what am I supposed to do? Make her walk everywhere to keep her bruise free? Some things are just outta my hands. I made sure she was at least running around on the dirt verses the pavement. That's the best I've got.

So I pulled up her shorts and took a gander at her legs... bloody and filled with dirt. Both hands were pretty tore up and also filled with dirt. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT BY GET THE BLOOD PUMPING. I gave her a kiss and told her she was ok and we would head home to clean her up. She seemed ok with that. I also asked her if she wanted to play at the park first because I did tell them that after we ran the lap we would play at the playground and since she was already wounded I didn't want to make her any more depressed. She said she wanted to go home thankfully. Although Ava had different plans, she too said we could go home and take care of sissy and apply some bandaids to her wounds.

We jogged home, bloodied and teary eyed to clean the cuts. Ava watched a cartoon while I doctored Olivia who is now covered in bandages. Since then Olivia can not seem to move for herself. She needs to be carried and pampered and I am indulging. I mean it's not every day you lose a good chunk of skin. So today I am a slave to my daughter's every whim and wish and I couldn't be happier. One day she won't need me to kiss her boo boos, bandage her cuts, or schlep her around. I'm honored she needs me and happy to oblige.

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