Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th Of July

Of course on the 4th of July we partied. The girls started their day riding bikes, driving the jeep, and playing outside with the chalk with their friends. Soon our neighbors wheeled over a cart full of chips and dip along with a cooler filled with beer. We brought out our BBQ grill and 2 other neighbors rolled theirs over. You know the saying, "if you cook it, they will come.." Well it is true. Out of the woodwork flocked all of the neighbors with different kinds of meat, potato salad, corn, macaroni and cheese, you name it we had it. Lawn chairs were strung out all over the place. It was wonderful. No one ever had to worry about drinking and driving since we all live here.

Grandma baked us a peach pie from the bag of peaches a neighbor had brought us. She whipped it up like it was no sweat. Some woman came walking down the street and handed out flags- big ones and small ones- in celebration of the 4th. Fireworks appeared as if from nowhere. Great day. Very simple and easy.

The gang of neighbor kids waiting to see the show...

Ava loved the flashing lights at first...

and then she wanted her eyes covered so the fireworks could not see her. Liv loved them from start to finish and wanted to see more. Ava asked, "I bite them candy?" after each firework ended.

Grandma had a great time with her Grandbabies!

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