Thursday, July 9, 2009

Breakfast At The Park

Today we packed up our breakfast and ate it at the park. I also packed our sunscreen- thankfully this time. We needed it too. That darn sun was shining and burning. Combined with my hot coffee I was sweating. The girls on the other hand were running, swinging, climbing, and 'getting stuck in the net.' That's a game they invented where they hide on the play structure and call for help because they are stuck in the net.

Then Ava decided to climb the big rock. She shot to the top like it was a breeze. Olivia then climbed it too. She had a harder time figuring out how to turn around and sit down when she reached the top but once she did it a few times with help she mastered it by herself.

Today's been a better day. A little less arguing but still a few grunts from Ava followed by her usual "no" and she did hit Olivia in the face with her cup- unprovoked too. I think she gets irritated when Liv is doing something and not playing with her. Either way she sat in her timeout and apologized and we moved on to the next thing. I hope this ends soon. The terrible twos are way too exhausting. Even for Ava I think.

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