Friday, July 3, 2009

The Outting

Today we visited the CA Academy Of Science in Golden Gate Park. We took the BART and the Muni to get there so it took us probably an hour and a half. During the BART ride Ava wanted to get out of the stroller so we took her out but then she needed to get back in so we could transfer to the Muni. Ava didn't feel the same way about the transfer that we did and she had a major blowout. It was lovely. Although Dave and I were both mortified by the outburst, the doors opened and we were free to escape the embarrassment. Thankfully.

After the chaos was finished we arrived at the CAOS and ate lunch. That put everyone in a good mood and we were off to see the aquarium. The girls loved looking at all the big fish and being able to touch the starfish. Dave got to see an old buddy of his who's a volunteer there so it was nice that he could talk to the girls about the starfish and their habitat.

After the aquarium we went into the rain forest exhibit and felt the humidity and the butterflies on our shirts. Olivia loved loved loved the butterflies.

After the elevator ride down we went to see the penguins and the rest of the African exhibit and then we headed home. Ava fell asleep on the Muni and didn't wake up until we got in the car at our BART stop.

Olivia was nervous about Ava and I sitting in front of the Muni while she sat with Dave and Grandma in the back. She was worried we wouldn't get off at the same stop as she did. Grandma said she never stopped talking about it. Ever since we went to Denver for the funeral Olivia has been very worried about me leaving and not coming back. She asks me at least once a day if I'm staying home. She tells me she loves me repeatedly and has become very clingy. I know in a while she'll understand but I feel sad for her that she even feels she needs to worry about it.

Once we were off the Muni and together again Olivia felt better. She started in on her usual chatting away which went on and on until we got home. Thankfully Grandma had to take the brunt of this one and listen to all of her stories. Sometimes I'm just done hearing it. I know that sounds bad but the girl just doesn't stop talking-ever. I'm thinking ear plugs... is that wrong?

So that was our journey for the day. We ate dinner and went to bed-literally. We were all exhausted.

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